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Thread: Bollywood Punar janam pre and post looks

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    Love Story 2050

    Before reincarnation: Priyanka Chopra and Harman Baweja stick to skirts and suits.

    After reincarnation: It's only in 2050 when PC and her Hrithik clone co-star get truly adventurous sporting a futuristic wardrobe that's as bizarre as the contents of this abysmal movie.

    Not to forget Chopra's bright orange hair.

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    Before reincarnation: In Sanjay Gupta's high strung love triangle, Saif Ali Khan and Kajol paint Mahabaleshwar red in floral prints, bell sleeves and bell bottoms typical of the psychedelic '70s.

    After reincarnation: It's back to simple salwar kameez and sari for Kajol and '90s style Bollywood hero outfits for Saif.

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