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Thread: I Choose Being Respected Over Being Loved. Here’s Why.

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    I Choose Being Respected Over Being Loved. Here’s Why.

    If someone truly loves you, they’ll respect you. Which is why, a relationship where you lack respect is the biggest sign that it’s not for you.

    Unfortunately, we are so blinded by love that choosing the opposite person over ourselves feels like second nature. Sure, love makes everything seem good. It feels as though you can get everything if the one you love is besides you.

    But people often forget that love might diminish some day, and when that happens, you’re left with someone who doesn’t even respect you and the thought of that is pretty unsettling.

    Respect should never come second to anything, in any relationship, because, after the initial infatuation fades away, it all comes down to how two people treat each other.

    I’ve had my heart broken too. The person I was in love with, claimed to reciprocate my feelings, except his gestures were always contradictory of that claim.

    They were all talk and no action.

    Sure, every now and then I’d hear about how loved I was but I couldn’t see the point of love when the person couldn’t even respect you.

    I tolerated everything until one day when I realized that if I ever want respect from others, I’ll have to respect myself first.

    This gave me the strength to let go off the relationship. I chose to respect myself and my life has changed every since. If someone asks me now what I think about love, I’ll tell them that without respect love’s nothing more than a hollow word.

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