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Thread: These 7 Signs Will Clearly Let You Know That You’re In A One- Sided Relationship

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    2. You’re always going out of your way for them.

    You love your partner and that’s precisely why you’re always there for them. Indulging in special gestures to make them feel loved such as cooking their favourite meal, buying them a special gift or taking them out on a surprise dinner datecomes naturally to you.

    But for them, indulging in such special gestures for you is NEVER an option. You go out of your way for them and they can’t even care enough to ask you how your day went.

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    3. You’re the one taking all the initiative.

    They don’t even text you, let alone call you, all day long. Be it planning a romantic getaway or just going out for a movie, YOU are the one taking ALL the initiative. You literally have to beg for their time and that’s just not healthy.

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