To the girl who never loved me,

I hope this letter finds you in good health.

Iím really not sure if I should be writing this to you, but I know that this is the only thing that can give me the much-needed closure that you just couldnít.

Make no mistake, penning this down wasnít easy, despite knowing how important it was for me to do so. But I have come to realize that forgiveness is the first step to moving on, and so I decided to forgive you.

Even though you broke my heart, itís okay. Even though saying that we left things on Ďgood termsí is probably the overstatement of the century, itís okay. Iím okay.

I want you to know that I loved you, loved you enough to stand by you as your constant and bear everything that you threw at me, and yet despite that, I wasnít enough for you.

But thereís a silver lining here - itís all thanks to you that I now understand how imperative new beginnings are. We all deserve a second chance, you included. That is why I am writing this letter to you, to let you know that itís all thanks to you that I am the man I am today.

Despite all the emotional scars you have left on my heart and that pantomime of a lie you played, I forgive you.

I forgive you for all the unforgettable behavior. I forgive you for all your adulterous liaisons. I forgive you for all the hurt that you caused me and above all else, I forgive you for letting me go.

I have come to realize that your need for constant affirmation was a by-product of a lack of love and compassion from others in your childhood. You were a broken woman, but we all deserve compassion and because of that, I am extending my own to you.

They say charity begins at home and so it should.

Carrying grudges can fill our hearts with poison, something that I do not want to possess. Letting go and making amends allows us to move forward.

And as there is so much hate in this world already, I do not wish to contribute to it any further. So this is my small way of making a positive change and letting go of my painful past in order to have a painless future.

And who knows? Maybe one day weíll meet again and it wonít be so painful.

With lots of love,

The guy you couldnít destroy.