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Thread: 10 Reasons Why Short Girls Make The Best Girlfriends

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    10 Reasons Why Short Girls Make The Best Girlfriends

    Ten Reasons Why Short Girlís Make The Best Girlfriends.

    I am short and I love it! There is a time when a guy stops and ponders over the thought of dating a short girl (personal opinion) and this very thought drives them toward girls like us. Believe me dating a short girl proves to be beneficial. Now, if you want to feel good about being it , you should go through my sage words.

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    1. They are adorable and se*y.

    Short girls are undoubtedly adorable. In fact they look adorable even when they are angry and annoyed.

    Remember Modern Family's Phil Dumphy and his Phil’s-osophy? “Marry someone who looks se*y when disappointed”.

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