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Thread: 7 Relationships Myths That Single People Need To Stop Believing

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    7 Relationships Myths That Single People Need To Stop Believing

    We all know that, in our society, being in a relationship is considered as a ‘must do’ in order to fit in. And that notion, I believe, is one of the main reasons why all single people end up feeling so dissatisfied with their status these days.

    There is a definite train of thought that single people experience when the term ‘relationship’ pops up and for most of them, these thoughts consist of hyperbolic myths that seriously NEED to be debunked.

    In fact, there is such an emphasis that is put on relationships these days that the art of companionship has been completely tainted by such myths.

    As such, it’s time we debunked some of them, with these seven being the most common offenders:

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    1. Relationships are all about being cheesy.

    I know it makes most single people cringe when they see their committed friends calling each other generic pet names like ‘shona’, ‘jaanu’ and that atrocious ‘baabu’, but trust me, that’s NOT the case for all couples out there.

    In fact, most couples tend to avoid calling each other such juvenile names and don’t like indulging in such cheesy antics.

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