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Thread: 11 Things Only People With Glasses Can Relate To

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    11 Things Only People With Glasses Can Relate To

    Glasses are a huge responsibility. As huge as taking care of another human. No really! It's like dragging along a human who doesn't like you. It involves struggles of dealing with being blind, spending huge amounts of money buying them and many other things that I'm sure you'll relate to! So here are 10 things only people with glasses can relate to!

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    1. You are practically blind every morning when you get up and every night when you lie down on the bed.

    Scared of ghosts? Don't bother, you'll be staring at fluffy blurred walls if you wake up to find someone. And don't get me started about how we miss out on the luxury of waking up to a beautiful blurred out morning. That little cardio of putting something on your faces the minute you wake up is annoying.

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