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Thread: 7 Weird Things That Every Girl Does When You Start Dating Her

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    4. We do keep a check on our texting patterns.

    Okay! We would definitely not be the one to text you for the third time in a row. “Should I wait for him to text me because I texted him last night and I don’t want to look desperate” or “Is he really interested” are some of the questions on our mind before we decide to drop you a text.

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    5. We do get a LOT possessive.

    Okay so here it is. We do get a LOT jealous when you gush about your best friend who happens to be a girl.

    We aren’t okay with you checking out other women when we are around. You should understand that being possessive about you is a mark of our love and affection and not our insecurities- we don’t like sharing you with anyone else!

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