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Thread: 7 Things You Will Understand If You’re A Perpetual Traveler

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    2. You become well aware of ethics and systems/cultures of different countries.

    You surely become conversant with the values and ethics of different countries.

    For instance you are well aware that when you opt for fine dining in the US, the minimum tip is 20 percent while Japan considers tipping extremely offensive. And if you are traveling to Islamic countries during Ramadan, which is considered as the holiest month in the Islamic calendar, eating or drinking in public before the sunset is considered very impolite.

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    3. You are not much of a planner.

    You would rather explore places than have a pre-planned travel itinerary. Booking hotels, car rentals in advance is definitely not your cup of tea for you believe in getting lost in the beauty of the unknown and take it as you go.

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