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Thread: B-town Celebs Who Have Appeared Together on Magazine Covers

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    B-town Celebs Who Have Appeared Together on Magazine Covers

    Often, we get glimpses of a terrific combo of Bollywood stars on the glossy pages of a magazine, and wonder why hasn't any director thought about casting them together. In case they felt it was too much effort getting them together under the banner of one film, let us tell you that it will be worth it!

    Here are just a few B-town celebs who have appeared together on magazine covers, but not in films.

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    Shah Rukh Khan and Freida Pinto

    A film with these two will definitely be an international hit. It can be a spy thriller, where Freida and Shah Rukh are secret agents who have to save the earth together despite being from enemy camps. The film can have A.R. Rahman's music too!

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