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Thread: Clauses B-Town Celebs Have In Their Contracts

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    2. Ali Zafar

    So you thought only Salman has no-kissing thing going on? Let me prove you wrong – Yes, because Ali Zafar doesn’t like to lip-lock at-all. No-kissing clause follows in his contract and is strictly followed too. The interesting thing is, in “London Paris New York” movie, he actually got a body-double to do the steamy scene.

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    3. Sonakshi Sinha

    Sonakshi Sinha is also on the “no-kissing” list, and she mostly prefers not doing any intimate scenes with anyone. She is daddy’s little girl and she thinks that Kissing is not a part of professional job. So, Shotgun’s daughter is strict on this and makes sure that she has this particular clause involved in her contract.

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