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Thread: 6 Trendy Shoes That You Need To Have This Season

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    5. Clarks Glove Puppet Dusty Pink Plimsolls

    Plimsolls are a great pick even for women, especially these dusted pink ones. Summer is the time to break away from your basic blacks and switch to pink. Team these cute Plimsolls with a subtle printed dress. Make sure you choose a print that compliments your pair and falls in the same colour tone to make your look elegant and chic.

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    6. Vans Classic True White Plimsolls

    The Classic True White Vans are a bit chunkier, with fun thick-gum soles that give them a cool retro feel. There are quite a few ways to style them, despite their distinct look. Easy to pair with ankle socks, these shoes will make you stand out when teamed with earthy colours.

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