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Thread: 5 Bollwood Stars Who Died In Poverty

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    3 – Jagdish Mali

    An Indian photographer, Jagdish Mali had done expertise in fashion and film photography. He was the most jubilated photographer from 70s to 90s. But when he was in his last days, he was found in a miserable condition. In 2013, he was found semi-nude on the roads of Mumbai. Later, Salman Khan helped him through his NGO being human but he didn’t survive long and died the same year.

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    4 – Achala Sachdeva

    Achala Sachdeva, an Indian veteran actress started her Bollywood career as a child artist. But She is known more for playing the roles of mother and grandmother.She acted in over 130 movies and established a great career, but her personal life was not that well. She was very humanitarian in nature but faced an inhuman death. She fell ill, her son just left him in a hospital without any other facility and there was no one to pay her bills. In the end, she took her last breath alone.

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