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Thread: These Signs Say Itís High Time You Leave The Job You Are Doing

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    These Signs Say Itís High Time You Leave The Job You Are Doing

    We spend a major chunk of our lives doing what we do for a living.

    So if you arenít excited about your work and constantly find yourself experiencing ĎMonday bluesí on all days of the week, itís time to rethink your nine to five.

    Not being satisfied at your job is one of the main reasons why some people are never happy, and if youíve noticed these seven signs as well, then it is high time you left the job you are currently doing:

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    1. You don’t enjoy the work you do.

    You aren’t passionate about your work the way you were when you initially took the job. To you, your work has become as mechanical as it could possibly get and you no longer put your heart and soul into it.

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