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Thread: 12 Odd And Mostly Bizarre Life Advise

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    7. All you need is good lingerie to rock your se* life

    Number of people who gave this advice: All lingerie websites plus relationship articles


    8. Travel, don't waste your life on a job

    Number of people who gave this advice: Everyone who is not traveling and, instead, going to work

    It sounds great on paper to give up a job, pack your bags, and go see the world. However, minor glitch: You do need to eat and to eat you need money. So, unless you have a rich daddy, a super successful travel blog, or simply a huge savings fund, go to work!

    9. Happiness is simply a choice

    Number of people who gave this advice: Mostly unhappy people

    One of the first things you hear when you admit to feeling sad, lonely, or depressed is "don't feel that way". Gosh, if only it were that easy! If you are feeling sad, it probably is not because you got up this morning and decided to feel miserable. Don't shy away from reaching for help, and stop letting others convince you that to be depressed or unhappy is simply a matter of choice. It's NOT!

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    10. Work hard... don't work so hard

    Number of people who gave this advice: Every confused soul out there

    They'll mock you if you don't work hard, they'll mock you if you do work hard. Make your own choice.

    11. Don't be stupid

    Number of people who gave this advice: Everyone who was once stupid

    Seriously, it's okay to be stupid and silly, and to make mistakes... that's what adults do anyway.

    12. It's okay as long as you are not a bad person

    Number of people who gave this advice: Everyone

    Yes, if your intentions are good and the outcome isn't, it's okay! However, don't fool yourself into thinking that it's okay to be mean or rude to some people just because you are not really a bad person. Try not to be a jerk, and work towards being a good person too!

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