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Thread: These Bollywood Songs Perfectly Capture The Spirit Of Holi

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    These Bollywood Songs Perfectly Capture The Spirit Of Holi

    From Rang Barse to Badri Ki Dulhaniya, Bollywood surely knows how to set our Holi parties blazing. Don’t we just love grooving to these Bollywood numbers?

    Be it classics like Rajesh Khanna’s Aaj Na Chhodenge from Kati Patang or the latest additions to that Holi playlist like Go Pagal from Jolly LLB 2, no Holi celebrations are complete without these Bollywood tracks.

    So for all our Holi enthusiasts, who never forget adding a touch of Bollywood to their colourful Holi parties, here’s a list of Bollywood numbers, both old and new, that perfectly capture the spirit of Holi:

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    1. ‘Badri Ki Dulhaniya’.

    This exciting and peppy number from Badrinath ki Dulhaniya will surely get your feet tapping, all the while drenching you in the festive mood. This song has all the ‘latkas’ and ‘jhattkas’ that you look for in a typical Bollywood number, and the way Alia and Varun shower each other with Gulaal in the video, it only adds to our Holi excitement for tomorrow.

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