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Thread: 7 Things We Worry About That Prevents Us From Enjoying Holi

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    7 Things We Worry About That Prevents Us From Enjoying Holi

    If anyone randomly asks you, "Which is your favourite festival" what will be your answer? A few years back it would've probably been "Holi of course!". And Holi in those days was a no-holds-barred fiesta of water, colours, food, music and sometimes even a few eggs and oil paint thrown in. Sheer madness, basically! Nowadays though, Holi atleast in urban centers is a more subdued affair. We've started using flower petals instead of colours, we don't gorge on gujjias cos we are always watching our waist and we don't want colour in our hair cos we worry about hair damage. Well, our stand is clear. On Holi day leave all your worries behind cos we donít get many occasions in a year where we can have unbridled fun. So just to get you in the mood here are a few images of the way some of us "Worriers" play Holi. Click under each image to know our recommendation on how Holi should actually be celebrated.

    1. When we celebrate with just ek chutki gulaal because we don't want to offend anyone!

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    2. You hate getting photographed because you literally resemble a shade card!

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