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Thread: Bigg Boss 10: Thank God! Manveer won

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    Bigg Boss 10: Thank God! Manveer won

    The number of times Salman Khan uttered 'Thank God' in the Bigg Boss finale on Sunday suggested how much the host, like most of us viewers, wanted the reality show to end and declare its winner.
    Divya Nair gives us a final recap.

    Manu quits, takes home 10 lakhs

    The 100-day ordeal boiled down to four contestants -- Manu, Manveer, Lopamudra, Bani.

    Two commoners, two celebrities.

    One couldn't have thought of anyone else to make it to the top four.

    Bigg Boss gave the quartet the option to quit the show for a prize of Rs 10 lakhs.

    Shrewd as ever, Manu played his card and walked away with the bounty.

    Had he stayed, he'd have lost both the money and the title.

    Good decision, Manu!

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    The loooong wait

    Insert Kaabil promotions

    Insert a new soap opera promotion.

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