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Thread: 10 Lesser Known Reasons Why Walking is Good For You

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    7. Walking Makes You Creative

    If you're searching for a solution to a tricky problem or feeling stuck at work. Stand up, step out and take a walk for 5 minutes. It can actually boost creative inspiration.

    8. Walking Cures Insomnia

    If you crave for perfect sleep, a hot bath and a long walk is your one stop solution. It's a proven scientific fact that people get a good night's sleep by simply exposing themselves to 15 minutes of daylight in the morning.

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    9. Go Green!

    Avoiding just 15 kms of driving every week would eliminate 230 kgs of carbon dioxide emissions a year.

    10. Walk for a Beautiful You

    Walking is a great exercise for healthy and supple skin. If you have skin related issues such as scars, acne, stretch marks then try walking and you will notice the difference. Brisk walking leads to improved blood circulation to affected skin part and makes you look confident.

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