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Thread: The Best Moment of Bigg Boss 10

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    The Best Moment of Bigg Boss 10

    Which is *your* best moment of the show?

    The 10th season of reality show Bigg Boss has been quite entertaining. The contestants have done their bit for creating drama and its interesting guests on the show has brought it up a few notches too.

    We present a recap before the grand finale this weekend.

    Meet the Baby Boss!

    Host Salman Khan's nephew Ahil Sharma made his debut on the show and won hearts instantly. Ahil's parents Arpita and Aayush watched indulgently as Ahil 'hosted' the show with his mamu!

    Jacqueline Fernandez, Karan Johar and Ganesh Hegde were also shooting with Salman for the special weekend show and they showered love on the baby.

    When Salman gave Ahil the mike and asked him if he would like to host Bigg Boss along with him, even teaching him the opening line, the little one seemed to enjoy himself!

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    Piyanka urinates on national television

    Motor mouth contestant Priyanka Jagga urinated in her pants during a task, in her desperation to win it.

    She did win the task but lost brownie points among her housemates when she asked Bani to wash her wet pants.

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