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Thread: The Best Moment of Bigg Boss 10

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    Mona's wedding

    Mona's boyfriend Vikrant Singh Rajpoot entered the Bigg Boss house and proposed marriage to Mona. She said yes, and she had a fairytale wedding on the show. The wedding festivities included the haldi and mehendi functions. Her mother was also invited.

    The housemates were divided into gharatis (Rohan, Lopa and Manu) and baratis (Manveer and Bani).

    But were Mona and Vikrant paid for the wedding? Rumours suggest that they were paid Rs 50 lakh but Mona denies that here.

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    Scuffle between Lopa and Bani

    Since the beginning of the season, Bani and Lopa have been getting on each other’s nerves. Their dislike took an ugly turn during a task and they got into a fistfight, even as the others looked on stumped.

    During the Call Centre task, Lopa said that Bani uses her mother as a weapon to gain sympathy.

    Bani lost her cool and tried to bang the phone several times. The scuffle got so intense that Bani tried to choked Lopa’s waist with her arms while the others ​tried to stop ​them. But they refused to calm down and started to exchange blows.

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