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Thread: The Best Moment of Bigg Boss 10

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    Salman tells Priyanka to leave!

    It all began with Salman scolding Priyanka for her misconduct in the house and demanding an explanation.

    Priyanka as usual turned nasty.

    Her arrogance irked Salman so much that he asked her to leave the house immediately. He also said that he will not work with the Colors channel if they bring Priyanka back on the show.

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    Swami Om flings urine on Bani-Rohan

    Swami Om has made bad television many times on the show, when he made derogatory comments against Bani's mother and Mona.

    He has also faced flak from Salman many times on the show for his unruly behavior.

    But he was at his worst when he flung his urine on Bani and Rohan.

    In the captaincy task, Swami Om and Bani were required to build a pyramid with blocks provided by the Bigg Boss. In an attempt to support Bani, the contestants did not let the baba complete his pyramid and this infuriated him. What he did next was completely unexpected.

    When the Bigg Boss asked him to leave immediately, Swami Om refused to budge. Finally, bouncers had to get Swami Om to finally leave the house.

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