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Thread: 10 Genius Ways to Use an Ice Cube Tray

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    Soup Stock

    Homemade soup stock is a truly wonderful staple to keep on hand. But if you're not using the entire batch immediately, freeze it in ice cube trays and only thaw what you need. There are a lot of recipes that call for a small amount of stock, especially if you're making a sauce or reheating leftovers. And the best part? The frozen cubes defrost much faster than stock stored and frozen in large containers.

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    Sugar Scrub Cubes

    If you usually exfoliate with a sugar scrub, you're going to love this. You can use old ice trays to form perfectly shaped sugar scrub cubes and avoid the mess. Store in a mason jar or any other glass container, and just grab 1 cube each time you want to scrub. These make for great gifts as well!

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