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Thread: Here Are 25 Logical Things You Should Do To Keep Fit In 2017

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    18. Make It A Point To Do Weight Training, In Whatever Capacity, At Least Thrice A Week.

    19. Get Your Blood Work Done At Least 3 Times A Year

    20. Make It A Point To Buy No Junk Packaged Food When Shopping At Malls

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    21. Pack And Carry Your Food, If You Are Trying To STICK To Your Diet. No Excuses Here!

    22. Moderation Is The Key. Try Keeping Meal Portion Sizes Small

    23. Replace ‘Weekend Outing Group Of Friends’ With Gym Bros Who Never Fail To Show Up

    24. Replacing Watching Food Videos With Fitness Videos. High Time To Get Motivation To Work Out Rather Than Getting A Craving

    25. Just Shut Up And Follow Whatever’s Mentioned Above.

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