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Thread: 11 Dream Jobs That Are Simply Perfect For People Who Love to Travel

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    11 Dream Jobs That Are Simply Perfect For People Who Love to Travel

    All the rosy pictures of people, couples, teenagers and stupid millennials quitting their jobs and school to travel have given us enough disenchantment with our lives.

    For those of us who live in the real world where traveling demands real money, here is the help you will need to follow your passion without starvation. These 11 jobs are best for us who often find definition of travel restricted to deadlined vacation and tight funds, and are looking to balance both aspects with ease.

    1. Tour Guide

    Don't dismiss the potential of being a tour guide just because Bollywood has made it tacky. There are several divisions of being a guide, from educational tours to even a future with international organizations such as United Nations. The worst case scenario of sharing history and educating people, is that some god forsaken a group with 10 whining kids will find their way to you.

    Know more: Many institutions provide certified courses. Such as Educational Travel Adventures, International Guide Academy and International Tour Management Institute.

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    2. On Cruise Ships

    People are crazy over cruise jobs. They are fancy, luxurious and in the sea. Ofcourse they are over romanticized as well, but if you have a penchant for the ocean then do give it a shot because the big bucks make the sea sickness worth it.

    Know more: Some job prospects and information about prerequisites are mentioned here and here respectively.

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