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Thread: Trick TO Buy Used Furniture

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    Trick TO Buy Used Furniture

    How To Buy Used Furniture You'll Actually Like Without Spending Loads Of Money

    Not too long ago, I moved out of my college dorm and into the first apartment that didn't come pre-furnished with a school-issue desk and twin bed. This led to a dilemma: how was I going to fill my new room on a writer's salary? Sure, I had a few of the necessities for making that space livable: sheets and pillows, some plates, pictures in frames I'd bought on clearance over the years. But I didn't have a bed frame, or a mattress, or a desk, or a chair and I had no idea how to buy used furniture for the essentials I needed. I scanned the price listings at local furniture stores, but that only made my heart sink. What if I bought something I needed right away, like that bed frame, and it didn't fit, or it was the wrong color, or it wobbled every time I turned over?

    So I turned to Craigslist. I nabbed a $200 bed frame, which I'd been eyeing on a furniture store's website, for $100. A sizable corner desk meant another $80. If I'd bought these things new, I'd have paid over double what I actually forked out. I began to wonder: if I was going to keep buying secondhand furniture and appliances (and that was certainly the plan), what did I need to know?

    That necessitated some research, but the following tips have definitely helped me dress up the space the way I've wanted to.

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    1. Don't just look on Craigslist

    Sure, I got lucky that way. But if you're looking for something specific, like a powder-blue dining room table or a chair that's juuust the right dimensions, you might have to broaden your search. Most thrift stores, like Goodwill or the Habitat for Humanity store, have a wide range of pieces available for dirt cheap. What's more, if your city is anything like mine, it will have a host of mom-and-pop thrift and antique stores.

    Beauty and Bedlam suggests also monitoring the local yard sale circuit. Yard sales often happen when people are moving or restructuring their living quarters, so they're eager to get rid of furniture they don't need any longer.

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