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Thread: Trick TO Buy Used Furniture

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    4. Stick to your budget

    As you're surfing Craigslist posts for a new desk, you might see something you absolutely adore — but that's $50 over the price you've set for yourself. Or maybe the desk you've discovered has a price you're comfortable paying, but the finish and paintbrushes you'll have to buy to complete the project will cost another $25. Don't make a habit of buying costly furniture just because you fall for it at first glance. If you evaluate all the pros and cons of going over-budget and decide it's worth it, then sure, go ahead. But keep in mind that furniture isn't like other impulse purchases. Buying a shirt on a whim isn't as hard to deal with as buying a heavy bookshelf on a whim.

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    5. Keep transportation in mind

    Furniture can be a royal pain in the butt to move around. Many pieces weigh a ton, and others are shaped strangely, making those pieces difficult to fit through doors and around corners. When buying used, remember that transporting the item to your digs is a responsibility that often falls on you. If it's something large, like a bed frame you can't disassemble, you might have to hire professional movers to get that thing from Point A to Point B. And if you try to do it yourself, expect sweat, frustration, and lots of time down the drain.

    If it's not ultimately worth it, look elsewhere.

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