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Thread: Trick TO Buy Used Furniture

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    2. Embrace alterations

    Maybe you've followed the previous tip and are prowling through the stacks of furniture at a yard sale nearby. You see the cutest end table that would work perfectly next to your bed, but the finish is scratched up, or maybe it's bright orange and you were looking for something a bit more... subdued. If you know it'll save you buckets of money to buy the used piece and paint over it, just give it a shot. You can do it yourself, or if that's not in the cards, take it to a professional. Dabney Frake of Apartment Therapy writes that she once saw a Chesterfield-style sofa going for $40, but she didn't like the fabric, so she bought it and had it reupholstered. She ended up with a gorgeous gray sofa that suited her space perfectly.

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    3. Check for structural flaws

    If the table you're considering has a shaky leg you know you'd have to shim up in order to make the table surface flat, find something else. It'll save you more money in the long run. Likewise, look for cracked veneers, missing parts, and badly made repairs. If you're searching for something you'll sit on, like a love seat or a bar stool, actually sit on the thing to make sure it can hold your weight. Buying used furniture isn't like buying from the store: you'll have a much harder time returning it if you're not satisfied with what you get. This is why, says Jasmine Orchard of Jasmine Orchard Styling, seeing an item in person is always better.

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