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Thread: 7 Cool Things That You Should Own If You Are A Student

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    7 Cool Things That You Should Own If You Are A Student

    Whether you are a fresher in college or you are a seasoned senior, having the right set of gadgets will always make your life simpler and fun. With a new academic year starting soon, you must be looking out for the perfect gadgets that will make your life easier. So, heres our list of some cool gadgets that every student must own.

    1. Moving Alarm Clock

    Bored of old alarm clocks that only go tringgg in the morning? Try this alarm clock that starts moving and hiding if you press the snooze button twice. What a fun way to ensure that you are always up on time and don't miss another lecture.

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    2. Charging Backpack

    Travelling with all your cool gadgets with this backpack makes your life easier. Just put all your gadgets in one backpack and charge them while running between lectures and classes.

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