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Thread: Have A Happy Rainy Friday

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    Have A Happy Rainy Friday

    I want to live simply.
    I want to sit by the window
    When it rains and read book
    Iíll never be tested on.
    I want to paint because I want to,
    Not because Iíve got something to prove.
    I want to listen to my body,
    Fall asleep when the moon is high and
    Wake up slowly, with no place to rush off to.
    I want not to governed by money or docks
    Or any of the artificial restraints that
    Humanity imposes on itself.
    I just want to be, boundless and infinite.

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    Ek ladka apni girlfriend ko le ke ghumne jaata hai.

    aur bahut tez barish ho jati hai

    Socho bahut tez barish me kya hua hoga..???






    Nahi pata..


    Ladki ka makeup utar jata hai..
    & Ladka dar ke bhaag jata hai..!!

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