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Thread: Ways To Survive Job Loss

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    5. Stay future-focused.

    Focus on the future. Don’t cry long for the lost job. Look into the positives, like how it gives you opportunity to change your job profile, or how this can actually be a blessing in disguise. Focus on the new job opportunities, focus on the changing work ethos, focus on the futuristic jobs. What you focus on, expands. So focus on what you want, not on what you don’t.

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    6. Practice telling your story.

    Spend some time rehearsing how you'll answer the question "Why were you fired?" If you were let go for performance issues you might say, "My skills were not a good fit for the position I previously held. That is why I'm particularly interested in the position here. It sounds like, my technology background could be a good addition to this department." Practice your response so you're comfortable when you have to discuss it in an interview.

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