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Thread: Reasons Good Employees Quit Their Companies

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    Reasons Good Employees Quit Their Companies

    Hard-working employees are a rare breed today. When they walk out the door, it's sufficiently painful for their bosses and the management. However, there are reasons they are compelled to take the drastic step of putting down their papers.
    1. They are under constant pressure.

    Since good employees are high performers, they are always expected to give their best. Due to such high expectations from their bosses and the team, good workers are put under constant pressure to outperform their targets. Expectations are not bad, but constant pressure is definitely unhealthy. It reduces productivity and makes good employees question their ability.

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    2. Little or no acknowledgement of their effort.

    Hard-working employees are normally high-performers, and as a result, are often taken for granted. After a point, their good work goes unnoticed and they don’t get that much deserved pat on the back. This fails to motivate them to continue their good work. A good performer doesn’t always need acknowledgement, but a pat on the back once in a while is uplifting.

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