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Thread: New on WhatsApp

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    Ek Ladka Apni Girl-friend Se Puchhta Hai.
    Boy-friend: Main Tumhe Kab Call Karoon?
    Girl-friend: Jab Tum Chaho Tab
    Boy-friend: Kal Subha Main Ne Call Kiya Tha
    Girl-friend: Achha, Par Utni Jaldi Nahi Uthti Main
    Boy-friend: Hmm To Main Kal 11 Baje Call Karunga
    Girl-friend: Nahi, Tab To Papa Ghar Pe Honge
    Boy-friend: To 3 Baje Call Karta Hoon
    Girl-friend: Nahi, Tab To Lunch Ka Time Hoga Na
    Boy-friend: To Phir 7 Baje?
    Girl-friend: Nahi, Tab To Mein Apna Favorite Serial Dekh Rahi Hoongi
    Boy-friend: To Raat Ko Call Karuga?
    Girl-friend: Nahi, Raat Ko Sab Ghar Hote Hain
    Boy-friend: To Main Aakhir Call Kab Karun?

    Girl-friend: Jab Tum Chaho Tab

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    A pig and a cat were walking down a dirt path. The pig was very stupid, so the cat had to explain everything to him. When the cat was talking to the pig about something, he (the cat) accidentally fell down a deep pit. He asked the pig to go back to their house and grab a rope.

    The pig soon returned with a sturdy rope.

    'Throw it down!'

    So the pig threw the whole rope down the pit.

    'You idiot! You were supposed to grab hold of one end!'

    The pig, after thinking a while, jumped down the pit and grabbed hold of the rope.

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