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Thread: Cute Smiling Babies

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    Cute Smiling Babies

    When I (Sandi Ford) first started doing Newborn Photography, I noticed that when I was doing a normal newborn session, the baby would occasionally let out these huge grins – so infectious and heart melting! Nowadays, I have learned to recognize the little signs that a baby is about to let out a smile and I sit there ready with the camera to catch it!

    I have found that some babies are more smiley than others, and sometimes a little tickle on the lips or nose can bring out the big smile if I think one is lurking! Some people might pass these off as ‘just a bit of wind’ and in some cases that’s true. But having seen hundreds of newborns in my studio, I can tell it’s not always like that!

    I once read that there are two types of people in this world – those that see a newborn smile as wind, and those that don’t – I see it as a rare treat that I am lucky enough to capture

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