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Thread: Ethical Hacking Colleges In India

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    Institute of Information Security, Mumbai/Pune/Delhi/Chandigarh/Thane
    Institute of Information Security

    This institute offers a certification course on Ethical Hacking to make you a Certified Information Security Consultant (CISC) within six months of training. This is more of a vocational course that gives an edge over basic undergraduate students of Networking. The CISC training will not only arm you with the technical knowledge but also train you with consulting skills, compliance standards, forensics and also cyber-crime investigations. Both the basic fundamentals and the advanced concepts are taught during this course. This course would comprise of more than 45 sessions divided into four quarters and 15-20 modules. The faculty provides with informative notes and study materials as well as practical training on live projects.

    This institute now also offers EC –Council CEH (Ethical Hacking) Certification along with CISC training.


    This institute offers courses on Ethical Hacking for both amateurs and professionals so if you are a fresh graduate in Networking and Administration or a professional with 5-6 years of experience in the IT industry, the course is well suited for you.

    Course Curriculum

    The course content is elaborate and industry-oriented with modules on Fundamentals, Coding, Network, Server and Application Security as well as Digital Forensics and Compliance. The fundamentals are based on Network Fundamentals such as understanding protocols, IP addressing, packet analysis and subnet, super-net, et al, as well as OS Fundamentals on Windows Server Architecture, Linux Server Architecture and File Artifacts, etc. While the Network Security focuses on manual test cases, packet crafting, vulnerability discovery, wireless security and the like, Digital Forensics teaches you about live and dead forensics, thump rules of investigation, detection of incidents and preserving chain of custody.

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    Arizona Infotech, Pune
    Arizona Infotech

    The course on Ethical Hacking in Arizona Infotech would emphasize on hacking and counter-measuring techniques for duration of 15 days.


    Anyone with an interest in penetration testing for finding and operating on computer security vulnerabilities has the eligibility to apply for this course in Arizona Infotech. However a basic computer networking knowledge helps in better understanding of the concepts.

    Course Curriculum

    This training is based on Google or Bing Hacking, Trace Route Target IP Address, Password attacks, MySQL server enumerating, UDP Sweeping and Probing, Advanced OS Fingerprinting, Uptime Info Hunting, Advanced File Handling Attacks, Sniffing Facebook Cookies, Session Hijacking Attacks and so on and so forth. The course gives a fair idea on CSRF attacks, attacking DHCP servers, Social Engineering Attacks, Writing Virus Codes, etc.

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