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Thread: CBSE Board Exam Is Tough To Score High Marks

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    CBSE Board Exam Is Tough To Score High Marks

    Scoring 90 Percent In Boards A Tough Nut As CBSE Comes Up With New Pattern

    If you thought that the pre-board papers this year have not been following the current CBSE board pattern, well, CBSE Class 12th board examination is set to shock you even more.

    Not to scare the class 12th students of CBSE but as a matter of fact, the board is set to change their exam pattern this year with more application-based questions rather than objective ones.

    As a result, CBSE Board Exam Is Tougher.

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    Students discussing exams

    So, earlier if you used to be happy at the idea of short-answer questions of 2-3 marks each, you have to settle your scores with lengthy answers as most subjects will now have more of long-answer questions and the ones with fewer marks and shorter answers are being lessened in numbers in the exam paper. If you are in the commerce stream and your subjects are business studies, accounts, economics and political science, you might consider this as good news: there has been a considerable reduction in the number of questions as seen in the sample papers that some students have attempted in the recent days.

    While there are only five one and two mark questions each unlike the previous case of 10 questions each, the Political Science paper includes only 27 questions against 31 questions earlier and the Business Studies exam sheet is to have 25 questions instead of the 30 questions it used to have earlier. Even Mathematics paper will have less number of questions this year as against 29 questions earlier; there will be only 26 questions now. The six-marker questions that earlier had a choice will now have none and as many as they are, these lengthy questions will have to be answered in the paper.

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