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Thread: Simple Body Language Tips That Could Help You Ace Your Job Interview

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    Smile please: We are not suggesting that you smile all the time, for that will make you look weird. But it is important to smile at the right places like when they appreciate things in your CV or the interviewer cracks a joke. Smile when you walk into the room and greet them pleasantly. It will dispel your nervousness and even help the interviewer asses you in a positive way. Moreover, a smile gives out an impression of a pleasant personality.

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    Stop fidgeting: Imagine having a serious conversation whilst the other person is busy playing with the pen. Won’t that irritate you? You may just be dealing with your nervousness or this may be your regular habit. But when you fidget with any object during an interview, it gives an impression of you not being interested. So don’t let your fidgeting habit come in between you and your job.

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