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Thread: Dreaming About Life in College

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    Dreaming About Life in College

    When “Khayali Pulav” Didn’t Taste That Tasty In Reality
    Canteen was the best place to hang out all day long.

    I remember almost whole of the day was just spent day dreaming and making castles in the air of the life after college. The most comfortable place other than your home can surely be your college canteen provided none of your professors know that you are actually bunking the classes in order to be a part of this serious discussion! (*winks*)

    The discussion is all about how life would be after college.

    We have our own methods of cooking up an amazing and delicious khayali pulao that you actually realize when you are out of the ever fantasized college and enter the reality! How beautiful life used to look when we were actually on the greener side of the grass. There were endless number of to-do lists which are now lost somewhere due to the race against time and life.

    So what were those lovely ideas with which we used to fill our bucket list to enjoy the awesome bachelor time?

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    Travel The Whole World With Friends

    This one is the most common of the promises that we make with our friends. But just after college, reality strikes and all we are busy with is slogging our ass off with our jobs and the only trip that you are able to make is to your hometown if ever you have the privilege to stay away from home independently. All kinds of crazy trips used to come to mind thinking about them and of course how we can forget the great bachelor trip?

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