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Thread: Jokes ke Jalwe

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    There Was A Flood In A Village.
    One Man Said To Everyone: “I’ll Stay! God Will Save Me!
    The Flood Got Higher And A Boat Came And The Man In It Said: “Come On Mate, Get In!
    No, God Will Save Me!” Replied The Man.
    The Flood Got Very High Now And The Man Had To Stand On The Roof Of His House.
    A Helicopter Soon Came And The Man Offered Him Help.
    No, God Will Save Me!” He Said
    Eventually He Died By Drowning.
    He Got By The Gates Of Heaven And He Said To God: “Why Didn’t You Save Me?
    God Replied: “For Goodness Sake! I Sent A Boat And A Helicopter. What More Do You Want!

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    1 Ladke ne 1 ladki se kaha
    I Love You
    Ladki- Aisa thapad dungi sida Mahakal mandir ja girega.
    Ladka.- Thoda dhire marna
    mujhe GOPAL mandir per kaam hai..

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