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Thread: Sardarji Make you Laugh out Loud

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    Kittu Got a message from his Girl friend on his Birthday.

    Message Reads: " HBD Boy...LLNP, LYSM, TTYL"

    Kittu provoked and Called her phone " Kate what is the meaning of HBD LLNP and all those Rubbish..."

    Kate replied you don't Even know the meaning of HBD And all others.

    HBD Means " Happy Birthday ",

    LLNP means " Long Life & Prosperity "

    LYSM means " Love You So Much " and

    TTYL means "Talk To You Later "

    Kittu Angrily Ends the Call and Send Her a Text message. " TFY "

    Kate Called immediately, " Kittu, what is the meaning of TFY? "

    Kittu Answered Oh you don't even know common TFY. After Much Laugh Kittu Replied

    TFY Means .
    "Thunder Fire You".

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    सान्ता 4th floor से गिर गया…
    गिरते वक्त उसने अपनी पत्नी को रोटी बनाते हुए देखा और जोर से बोला – “मेरे लिये मत बनाना”

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